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Pulltap's ®, innovation corkscrews and wine accessories

Pulltap's ®we are the manufacturers of the most widely used corkscrews and wine accessories by wine professionals in the world.

All Pulltaps ® corkscrews and wine accessories are the result of constant innovation in our company so that wine professionals and wine lovers, such as wineries, sommeliers, waiters, restaurants, bars, etc. may enjoy wine and all its accompanying rituals.

Discover all our innovations in corkscrews and wine accessories which we can fully customize to your needs.

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  • New RB-900 corkscrew with sliding blade

    The new corkscrew with sliding blade is designed to be used with only one hand. After much research, we found that in order to make use of the foil cutting blade, it was necessary for most users to use both hands. After careful analysis of this process, PULLTAPS ® made improvements and consequently designed and patented the RB-900 corkscrew. With this model, you can carry out the process more quickly and with only one hand. Also with RB-150 models